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The Final SiFTI Conference

26-05-2017 // Hits:579

The SiFTI project was completed April 30, 2017. To mark this occasion, the Norwegian part of the SiFTI research group arranged the international conference Researching Media Companies Producing Audiovisual Content 20-21 April, 2017. The conference - which.......... Read more

SiFTI at ECREA in Prague

26-05-2017 // Hits:579

The 6th European Communication Conference called Mediated [Dis]Continuities: Contesting Pasts, Presents and Futures took place in Prague 9-12 November 2016. The SiFTI research group participated with the panel «Production Cultures Across Europe: Investigating and Analysing Successful.......... Read more

The First SiFTI anthology is published

26-05-2017 // Hits:546

In November 2016 the first SiFTI anthology was published. The book is in Norwegian and the title is Bak kamera: Norsk film og TV i et produksjonsperspektiv (translation: Behind the Camera: Norwegian Film and TV.......... Read more

The Norwegian book project

22-12-2015 // Hits:555

SiFTI participants are now working on a new book project. It is a book about production studies as a research field. It is divided in four sections: the industry level, the company level, individual productions.......... Read more

Copenhagen seminar 21-22 September

22-12-2015 // Hits:525

Monday September 21 and Tuesday September 22, 2015 the SiFTI participants met in Copenhagen. The purpose of the seminar was to discuss draft chapters to a book based on the SiFTI project. If everything goes.......... Read more

Award to Steve Presence

04-05-2015 // Hits:573

Dr. Steve Presence - who is a contributor to the SiFTI network - was awarded £45,000 by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council for ‘The Radical Film Network: Sustaining Alternative Film Cultures’. The funding will enable a.......... Read more

Great SiFTI Conference in Bristol, 14-15…

04-05-2015 // Hits:595

A major event in the rapidly expanding field of Production Studies, the two-day international conference called New Directions in Film and Television Production Studiessold-out all three rooms of the Watershed’s conference centre. Scholars from across the UK.......... Read more

Norwegian Film Seminar March 26, 2015

29-04-2015 // Hits:571

Norwegian Film Seminar is an annual event organized by the Section for Film and Television Studies at LillehammerUniversity College. This year the program was prepared by members of the SiFTI project - Tore Helseth, Jo Sondre.......... Read more

ECREA Lisbon

20-11-2014 // Hits:583

Five papers from the SiFTI project were presented during the ECREA conference in Lisbon. The preliminary results from the cases in Norway, Denmark, UK and The Netherlands were discussed as well as a paper on.......... Read more

Bristol conference

22-10-2014 // Hits:545

April 14 and 15 the Bristol Cultural Research Group, UWE Bristol/Schoolof Creative Arts, Film and Media, University of Portsmouth will host the conference "New directions in Film and Television Production Studies. Two SiFTI members (Andrew Spicer and Stephen.......... Read more


22-10-2014 // Hits:586

On Saturday November 15, SiFTI members will contribute to a panel at the ECREA conference in Lisbon. Eva Bakøy will chair the panel with the title: Inside European Production Cultures: Film and Television. Read more


22-10-2014 // Hits:616

Willemien Sanders and Roel Puijk presented their paper "The professional is personal. A comparison of two television production companies in the Netherlands" at the IAMCR conference in Hyderabad, 15-19 July. This was part of the working group.......... Read more


22-10-2014 // Hits:565

Researchers from the SiFTI team gathered in Odense to present the first drafts of their papers on film and televisionproduction companies. Chris Mathieu from Lund University commented upon the papers and provided a stimulating discussion.......... Read more

Utrecht seminar

20-02-2014 // Hits:547

On February 3, the participants gathered in Utrecht and discussed the research design one more time. Project leader Eva Bakøy presented some adjustments on basis of interviews with two Norwegian production companies. Willemien Sanders presented.......... Read more

SiFTI workshop at LUC

17-09-2013 // Hits:532

The SiFTI group was gathered at Lillehammer University College on 12-13 September to discuss which production companies to study. In addition the interview guide was discussed before it is to be tested this fall.         Read more


14-06-2013 // Hits:537

The research group had its first meeting at Høsbjør where they presented main caracteristics of the film and television sectors in the different countries, methodological issues as how to compare companies in different countries, how.......... Read more