The SiFTI project was completed April 30, 2017.

To mark this occasion, the Norwegian part of the SiFTI research group arranged the international conference Researching Media Companies Producing Audiovisual Content 20-21 April, 2017.

The conference - which took place in Lillehammer, Norway - brought together researchers from several parts of the world.

Three key note speakers talked about their research during the conference.

Amanda Lotz (University of Michigan) discussed why scripted U.S. television series evolved so profoundly at the dawn of the 21st century.

Olof Hedling (Lund University, Sweden) addressed the role played by the regional film fund Film Väst (Sweden), while Ole Hedman from the Norwegian broadcasting corporation (NRK) focused on the tools the NRK uses in order to stimulate innovation.

The conference program is posted on the SiFTI homepage 



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