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The Final SiFTI Conference

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The Final SiFTI Conference

The SiFTI project was completed April 30, 2017.   To mark this occasion, the Norwegian part of the SiFTI research group arranged the international conference Researching Media Companies Producing Audiovisual Content 20-21 April, 2017.   The conference - which took place in Lillehammer, Norway - brought together researchers from several parts of the world.   Three key note speakers talked about their research during the conference. Amanda...

SiFTI at ECREA in Prague

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SiFTI at ECREA in Prague

  The 6th European Communication Conference called Mediated [Dis]Continuities: Contesting Pasts, Presents and Futures took place in Prague 9-12 November 2016.     The SiFTI research group participated with the panel «Production Cultures Across Europe: Investigating and Analysing Successful Companies from the Independent Film and Television Industries». The panel discussed the production cultures of selected media companies and their strategies for survival and success.   Four...

The First SiFTI anthology is published

  In November 2016 the first SiFTI anthology was published. The book is in Norwegian and the title is Bak kamera: Norsk film og TV i et produksjonsperspektiv (translation: Behind the Camera: Norwegian Film and TV in a Production Perspective).

The Norwegian book project

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The Norwegian book project

SiFTI participants are now working on a new book project. It is a book about production studies as a research field. It is divided in four sections: the industry level, the company level, individual productions and the individual level. Each level is illuminated by new research about film- and television production in Norway. Opplandske bokforlag is publishing the book which...

Copenhagen seminar 21-22 September

Monday September 21 and Tuesday September 22, 2015 the SiFTI participants met in Copenhagen. The purpose of the seminar was to discuss draft chapters to a book based on the SiFTI project. If everything goes according to plan, the book will be published fall 2016 by Intellect, a British publishing house situated in Bristol.

Award to Steve Presence

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Award to Steve Presence

Dr. Steve Presence - who is a contributor to the SiFTI network - was awarded £45,000 by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council for ‘The Radical Film Network: Sustaining Alternative Film Cultures’. The funding will enable a series of events to take place over two years at key counter-cultural and industry-oriented festivals in the UK and US, including Liverpool Radical Film Festival, Sheffield...

 Flott konferanse i Bristol 14-15 april, 2015

Konferansen New Directions in Film and Television Production Studies må beskrives som en viktig begivenhet for forskningsfeltet medieproduksjonsstudier. Konferansen fylte alle tre rommene på Watersheds konferansesenter. Forskere fra en rekke europeiske land, Australia, USA og Karibien utforsket temaet medieproduksjon og medieproduksjonskulturer fra en mengde ulike synsvinkler. Teoretiske, historiske og metodologiske strategier innen fagfeltet ble tatt opp til diskusjon. Det ble også...

Norwegian Film Seminar March 26, 2015

Norwegian Film Seminar is an annual event organized by the Section for Film and Television Studies at Lillehammer University College. This year the program was prepared by members of the SiFTI project - Tore Helseth, Jo Sondre Moseng and Eva Bakøy. The title of the seminar was "While we are waiting for the film white paper: opportunities and challenges for...

Bristol conference

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Bristol conference

April 14 and 15 the Bristol Cultural Research Group, UWE Bristol/Schoolof Creative Arts, Film and Media, University of Portsmouth will host the conference "New directions in Film and Television Production Studies. Two SiFTI members (Andrew Spicer and Stephen Presence) are the main organisers. The deadline for proposals is extended to 14 November 2014. See the call for papers.


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On Saturday November 15, SiFTI members will contribute to a panel at the ECREA conference in Lisbon. Eva Bakøy will chair the panel with the title: Inside European Production Cultures: Film and Television.


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